Allowing the importance of time to add value.

Our Board

The founders of London Barrelhouse have a collective experience of nearly 100 years working in asset management. They have been involved with several of the largest fundraises on the AIM Market in the UK, and have personally raised millions of pounds for some of the most successful SME’s in the UK, the USA, and Asia.Key facets acquired through their financial city careers have helped propel London Barrelhouse to its current stage thus attracting the attention of some of the industry’s aficionados with which they have now formalized director level strategic partnerships to deliver a streamlined service.

You can be confident that with our industry recognised relationships and connections, and with their reputations for fair dealing on the line your investment with us will be properly protected and administered. We are currently becoming an important part of the maturing Whisky and fine wine industry and one which offers our customers a trusted pathway to an ever growing and rewarding alternative investment in maturing whisky and fine wine.

Why London Barrelhouse?

London Barrelhouse’s objective is to create an international market place for the trading of fine wine and maturing whisky which is open to all private investors.

Advantages of London Barrelhouse:

• Our unique service of building exqusite portfolios of rare and collectible wine and whisky bottles.
• All assets stored at London City Bond (LCB) are fully insured.
• All certificates of ownership are distributed upon settlement.
• No charges on exit with all fine wine and whisky bought through us.
• Our trading Liv-ex membership guarantees authenticity.
• Our access to exclusive casks of rare whisky.
• A dedicated team member as your point of contact dealing with the administration side of purchasing & selling on your behalf making the process as seamless as possible.
• Our strong competative advantage derived from relationships with Sotheby's, Christie's (and others) in London, New York, Hong Kong and Switzerland safeguarding your exit route to profitability.

Sound Business Practices

Although not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, London Barrelhouse adopts many of the principles which have been applied by FCA to businesses when dealing with private wealth.

These are:

• The segregation of customer assets;
• Assets held in bond are fully insured;
• The keeping of accurate records and the availability of those records for inspection;
• Accountability to written Terms of Business and privacy policy;
• The maintenance of current GDPR rules regarding the holding of personal data;
• Being members of the data protection office;
• Being established trading Liv-ex members;
• Exit strategies available when seeking sales.

London Barrelhouse is fastidious in applying these good practices and seeks to maintain an environment where its compliance with these principles is visible and proven. London Barrelhouse is regulated under English Law, and has been approved by HMRC as an owner of excise goods.

Our Strategy

Our strategy is to encourage you to take a longer term “buy-and-hold” approach with your portfolio, allowing enough time to add value to your wine and whisky. We’ve found investors benefit most from holding for a period of 3-10 years from the point of purchase. Our service of buying rare and collectable bottles of wine and whisky adopts a shorter-term trading strategy.

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Enquire about becoming a client