Fine & Rare Collections

Fine & Rare Collections

Fine & Rare Collections

By creating premium parcels, a collector can stand out from the crowd. These stunning collections can come in many forms but the key is to make what is already rare, even more unique. Two excellent examples of this are turning wine or whisky collections into horizontals or verticals. A horizontal can be defined as either wines or whiskies from different 'stables’ of the same vintages, and a vertical is a collection of the same wine or whisky from various vintages, thus creating a vertical of vintages. By buying only the best with perfect provenance whilst creating these collections a collector can easily add premium to their investment.

London Barrelhouse are directly involved with the sellers and creators of the following fine and rare collections in the media


First ever Mouton ex-chateau auction breaks records in Hong Kong fetching a total of 4.1M USD.

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Ultra Rare 58 Bottle

How an Ultra Rare 58 Bottle Japanese whisky collection got a 500k USD Price Tag.

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Bordeauxs Most Wanted

Chateau Petrus, Bordeaux's most coveted wine, in a week of auctions that saw more than 15 million USD of wine sold.


Macallan 1958-1997 Collection sold for £77,149 at a Bonhams auction on the 18th August 2017.

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DRC Methuselahs

Collection of seven DRC Methuselahs 2015 breaks Sotherby's retail record, selling for 1.5 million USD.

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Macallan prices go ballistic, dwarfing even those of the most expensive wines on earth.

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A Rare and Exclusive Mixed Parcel of Domaine Romanee Conti arranged for a client in August 2019.

A spectacular vertical and horizontal of the most sought-after Burgundy Wine produced.
– 50 bottles featuring ALL 7 of the wines produced by the Domaine.
– Purchased direct from an official European distributor of DRC.
– 5 different vintages from 2008 through to 2012.
– Including 4 bottles of the extraordinarily rare DRC Romanee Conti – a wine that has broken world records consistently over recent years at auction.
– Perfect provenance, condition and rested in professional storage.

Why is this such an excellent collection? Domaine Romanee Conti is the most sought- after wine in the world. Huge demand outstrips the tiny supply of this Burgundy legend. The Domaine simply can’t increase production and with no let up in thirst for this wine, prices are set to continue rising. The Asian and US auction markets have driven large price increases over the last 5 years and will be the perfect exit strategy for this wine, ensuring any buyer maximises profits when closing out the position.

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