The Fine Wine Market

The industry standard 

Liv-ex is the global marketplace for the wine trade. They have over 400 members from start-ups to established merchants and supply them with the data, trading platform, technology and fulfilment services that allows us to price, source and sell wine more efficiently.  

Real prices

Liv-ex is the only source of transactional price information, so you can be confident that you’re buying and selling wine at the best price. Their prices are relied upon by the world’s biggest fine wine players and are quoted by media outlets including Reuters and Bloomberg.  

Trusted data for intelligent trading 

As a Liv-ex member firm, the world’s most comprehensive database of fine wine price information is at our fingertips. With access to the best data in the industry, we can make the smartest buying and selling decisions on your behalf. 

Stay informed 

Liv-ex members are the first to receive the latest research, including in-depth reports and market updates. As a member firm, we receive all the latest information, allowing us to stay on top of what’s happening in the market.  

Trade with confidence

Each case of wine purchased will be delivered in the correct condition. That’s because Liv ex’s settlement and logistics specialists co-ordinate all trades. Their standardised trading contacts (SIB) also ensure that all wine is always received as sold.

Dedicated support 

Each Liv-ex member, of which London Barrelhouse is one, has a dedicated Account Manager. These fine wine market specialists are on hand to help us find trading opportunities and answer our questions, allowing us to make the most of the £60m worth of opportunities. 

A global network 

With operations across the UK, Europe and Asia, Liv-ex transport network makes it easy for us to trade with merchants around the world. All services are charged at a flat per unit rate (with no minimum quantity) and are coordinated by their friendly logistics team. 

Wines handled expertly 

All wine traded on the market passes through their warehouse in London. The warehouse is temperature controlled, highly secure and managed by a team of trained experts. 

Storage for fine wine & whisky

The Liv-ex warehouse is available for London Barrelhouse to store our clients’ wine & whisky. Wine & whisky stored in the warehouse can be traded easily on Liv-ex, often without the need to be moved or checked again. Transfer of ownership can be instant.

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