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Professional Storage

Professional storage adds value.

London City Bond

To ensure the best quality and preserve the value of your wine & whisky, your portfolio will be stored with London City Bond at Tilbury, Freeport, United Kingdom.

History of London City Bond

In 1988 LCB (London City Bond) was established to buy the bonded warehousing business of British & Foreign Wharf, whose notable history went back to 1870. For over a century they were the pre-eminent bonded warehouse keepers in the Port of London, serving the wine and spirit trade with its very different needs.
With lifetime careers in the drinks business, Ben Jones and Alf Allington saw in this acquisition a special opportunity to build on this solid reputation, into what has now become the largest and most successful privately owned tax warehousing company in the UK. They provide an unrivalled comprehensive and sophisticated drinks logistics service, supported by cutting edge IT systems, achieving the highest level of operational excellence at competitive rates.
A decade ago the opportunity arose to add Vinothèque to their thriving business. They were proud to have been selected from a short list of competitors as the successful buyer. Vinothèque was already firmly established, with unparalleled status for the cellarage of fine investment wine. The addition of their enhanced systems confirmed their unequivocal leadership of the industry.
Over the years they have been fortunate in adding to their strengths the finest team of dedicated directors and senior management in the business, supported by long serving and experienced staff. Now responsible for over 8 million cases in 2,000,000 ft 2 of warehouses, and operating a delivery fleet of up to 300 vehicles, they are nevertheless always conscious of maintaining the ‘family’ character of the company. As a result their customers receive a truly personal service from people with names, who care, and are always available.

Benefits of using LCB

By storing your wine at our selected warehouse, you will enhance the value of your portfolio and benefit from the following reasons:

• 430 Expert, experienced, fully trained operations staff
• 300 Dedicated delivery vehicles
• 1,500 Drinks trade customers
• 6,500 Private fine wine clients from 70 countries
• 23,000 Nationwide deliveries each week
• 180,000 Product lines
• 2,000,000 ft 2 HMRC tax approved warehousing
• 8,000,000 Cases stock holding
• Application of UK Excise Duty, and all other strip and tax labels.


With a dedicated team working under their security manager, their measures are unrivalled. Each warehouse is protected by integrated physical and electronic surveillance systems. All have fire and intruder alarms and are subject to continual off-site monitoring using Red Care GSM communication technology to a central station. Data is backed up several times a day and held in a separate, secure location.


All their warehouses and IT systems are approved by HM Revenue & Customs, meeting the strictest conditions required for ‘under bond’ or duty paid storage, as required. Customers’ stocks are generally held in a location of their choice, and relevant to the type of service they require. All locations offer the same facilities for order picking – from an individual bottle to a full load of 26 pallets, to then be combined with their widely acclaimed national delivery network.

Location – Tilbury Freeport

Unique to LCB is the only drinks tax warehouse within Tilbury Freeport. Their PortCentric facility is only minutes from their ever expanding London Container Terminal, which handles 500,000 containers a year. This allows rapid quay to warehouse container movements, with associated environmental benefits and reduced haulage costs. They operate their own port tractors, which enjoy priority access for their customers’ containers. 490,000 ft 2 of ambient and temperature controlled storage.

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